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We work for a large range of clients in the fields of electric utilities and telecommunications. Click on a project and discover how we helped our client reach their goals.

“Every aspect of our services focuses on meeting customer needs. We strive to perform excellent quality work, meet customer deadlines, and do so at a fair price. This is the ‘trifecta’ that leads to a loyal customer base and continued repeat business.”

- Dave A. Evans, PE, President of TXUE 

Telecom Permit Coordination

TXUE has engineered multiple projects for telecommunication companies, such as Grande Communications, Spectrum, CenturyLink, and Alpheus Communications, so they could extend their fiber optic network to serve new customers. These

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Rio Grande Electric Cooperative Load Study

TXUE performed two separate studies for the analysis of residential loading. One study identifies an accurate methodology to calculate load when all of the necessary load information is available

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Alpheus Communications - Rackspace

TXUE designed a conduit system to allow for the ingress and egress of Alpheus Communications’ fiber optic plant to serve the new Rackspace facility. The engineering design also required TXDOT

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Rio Grande Electric Cooperative Substation Upgrade

Fort Bliss Substation Upgrade: TXUE completed engineering planning to upgrade the Electric Substation at Ft. Bliss Military Base in order to allow the substation to operate at optimum capacity. The

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CPS Energy

TXUE staff has been trained to engineer jobs on CPS Energy's (CPS) new Geographic Information System (GIS) and Work Order Management System (WMIS). Since completion of training in Q4 2007,

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